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Rack Installation

The physical installation of the racks is not a difficult task. Here is a step by step outline of the procedures involved, starting with the lower rack box.

1. Clean and deburr all surfaces that the racks, shims, and spacers will come in contact with.

a. Some set-ups use a spacer to space the rack out to the front of the rack box. This spacer is needed in some cases to cut cycle time or, to separate racks or, make clearance due to part configuration.

b. The racks and shims must also be clean and free of burrs.

2. Clean and deburr the sides and bottom of the rack spacer (s).

3. Set spacer (if required) to the back of the rack box.

4. Set shims (if required) to the back of the rack box or the front of the spacer.

5. Set the rack on top of the adjusting wedge or shim(s) making sure it is pushed against the spacer or the back of the rack box.

6. Set verniers to the desired settings as determined in the “set-up procedure”.

7. Install rack side bolts and snug (fig. 2).

8. Tighten the vertical set screws (fig. 2).

9. Tighten the pusher screws (fig. 2).

NOTE: Do not over tighten these pusher screws. Especially on older model machines, these screws can move the heel blocks out of position. (More on this later)

10. Recheck the position of the verniers and tighten all screws being careful not to over tighten.

The procedure is the same for the top rack with the exception of the fact that the rack should be installed before the shims. This is due to the fact that everything is upside down.

If at any point during the installation of racks, shims or spacers, one of these objects starts to fall, protect your feet and let it go. Serious injury can occur to the hands and feet trying to stop these objects from falling. | 521: Web server is down

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