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Used Spline Rolling Machines. Various Roto Flo and Marand (Anderson Cook) Models Available. INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE, CALL FOR DETAILS.




Used Spline Rolling Machines

Ex-Cell-O Model 3251-S, 3251, 3237 and 3225.  Anderson Cook Model 350S.  These machines are on the open market as is for now.  There are possibilities in many different ways.

Used Spline Rolling Machines.  Contact West Michigan Spline, Inc. for pricing and delivery.  We can find you one of these models of spline rolling machine or a WMS machine as described below.  Not to mention, build a new machine to your specifications.




Used Spline Rolling Machines, Used West Michigan Spline Model 24, 36 & 48. West Michigan Spline machines are known for their longevity in the field. In fact, serial number one built in 1994 is still in operation and has not been rebuilt. Used machines are traded or sold and do end up on the market. Here are some West Michigan Spline machines.







Used spline rolling machine.  One used WMS Model 48 spline rolling machine complete with AB SLC500 PLC and AB Panelview 500 HMI screen.  Machine is complete plug and play quality.  75 HP, 480 V, 3PH. This machine has an 8″ Daylight opening and converts to 6″ Daylight opening. Machine holds two 24″ racks back to back or, two 36″ racks back to back or, two 48″ racks back to back.


West Michigan Spline Model 36


Used WMS Spline Rolling Machines.  We have three available, one Model 48 and one Model 36.  These machines will need rebuild.  All three were built at the same time in late 1998.  Used spline rolling machine.

Used WMS spline rolling machines and the usual subsequent rebuilding are in a state of constant ebbs and tides.  We never know what will be the next trade in or opportunity that comes up.  So check with WMS at any given point for your used spline rolling machine needs. | 521: Web server is down

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